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  1. Can I create a folder on Home screen, dock and App drawer of Microsoft Launcher?

  2. Continue On PC Function

  3. How can I set the Microsoft Launcher as my default launcher?

  4. How do I access the contact card of the person listed on the People page?

  5. How do I change the wallpaper?

  6. How do I delete a reminder?

  7. How do I edit a reminder?

  8. How do I find an app?

  9. How do I re-arrange the apps of the Frequently used apps page?

  10. How do I set up an alarm?

  11. How to activate function " Show next calendar event on lock screen "?

  12. How to change wrong auto-detected location of weather settings manually?

  13. How to fix issue" Theme doesn't work for NavBar"?

  14. How to set the default launcher on Huawei's device?

  15. How to set the default launcher on Meizu's device?

  16. How to set the default launcher on OPPO's device?

  17. How to set wallpaper for lock screen?

  18. I accidentally “completed” a reminder. How do I get it back?

  19. I installed Microsoft Launcher, but I am now using a different launcher. How do I get back to the Microsoft Launcher?

  20. I just launched an app. How come it does not appear in the “Recent” apps section on the Apps page?

  21. In the “People” section, why are the icons different for different people? (Phone dialer, text, email icons)

  22. I’ve enabled “Notification badges” in settings, but I don’t see them in my launcher. Either they have stopped displaying after a period of use, or I never see them in the first place.

  23. On the Apps page, I have never used some of the apps listed in the “Frequent” apps section. Why are they there?

  24. On the Apps page, why do some “Recent” apps have a red dot next to their names?

  25. On the People page, I have never called some of the people listed in the “Frequent” people section. Why are they there?

  26. Problems on uninstalling Microsoft Launcher

  27. There is only one recent contact shown. How do I view more of my recent contacts?

  28. What is the word limit for a reminder?

  29. Where are my widgets? How do I add one?

  30. Where can I find the settings of Microsoft Launcher?

  31. 如何在华为手机上设置默认桌面

  32. 如何在魅族手机上设置默认桌面

  33. 如何隐藏魅族手机下部的返回虚拟键

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