Why won’t Microsoft Launcher stay selected as my default launcher on my Samsung device?

  • If your Microsoft Launcher lost default launcher after a restart or an update, please check your OS security patch to see if it is from the Nov 1, 2020 update (see below screenshot) If so:
    • This problem is occurring for all third-party launchers on Samsung phones that recently had an OS update. This is a known issue that Samsung is working to address. If you experience this problem, please send an error report and share your feedback via Samsung’s forum and Samsung Members App for a faster response. Here are the steps to send error reports on Samsung Members:
    • Step1: Single tap on the floating “+” button positioned at the bottom right corner of the screen, to access the extended options for error report;

      Step2: Single tap on “Error reports” button to proceed;

      Step3: Select the error category, then provide error information accordingly;

    • In the meantime, you can reselect Microsoft Launcher as your default home screen in System Settings > Apps > Menu (three vertical dots in the top right) > Default apps > Home app > reselect Microsoft Launcher. Please note that you may run into this problem again if you reboot your phone. Thank you for your understanding!
    • If the issue above does not apply to you or mitigation steps provided does not work, please reach us via
      • Launcher setting -> Help & Feedback -> Report bug -> describe your problem in detail
      • Send us an email microsoftlauncherfb@microsoft.com -> describe your problem in detail

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