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Hi there! 

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As thenext part of our journey, we're so excited to announce that Arrow Launcher isnow Microsoft Launcher. Not only have we re-branded the product, we've addedseveral new features that represent our goal to provide the bestproductive/personalized/customized experience for anyone with an Androiddevice. Our mission is to provide all Android customers the ability to choosetheir own personalized look, stay organized on the go, and be productive acrossall of their devices. 

Here area few key highlights of what's new! 

-MicrosoftFluent Design- Microsoft Launcher has been redesigned using Microsoft's FluentDesign system.

-Continueon PC- Customers with a Windows PC can now snap a pic on their phone and see itinstantly on their Windows PC using "Continue on PC" in the RecentActivities card. You can do the same for your Office documents and evenwebpages! All you need is the latest Windows Fall Creator's Update installed onyour Windows PC. 

-Yourpersonalized feed- The Utility Page is now your personalized feed. You'llnotice the redesigned Me Card, Calendar card and minor visual design changes tothe other cards. There are a lot more upcoming updates to the feed so staytuned! 

-Gesturesupport- One of our hottest pieces of feedback from you, our beta family.Microsoft Launcher now supports custom gestures! You can double tap to lockyour phone, swipe up for the app drawer and more. Check them out and let usknow how you like them! 

-Chooseyour look- Choose your look and make your phone truly yours. For those who wantto add a personal touch to their Microsoft Launcher experience, you can selecta custom background theme and accent color to personalize your experience.We've also refreshed our set of preloaded wallpapers in addition to the Bingdaily wallpapers you know and love. 

-Peopleat your fingertips- You can now keep the most important people literally atyour fingertips. From the People card, you can pin contacts directly to the Home screen, organize them in folders or even put them on the dock! 

These arejust a couple of key changes in our 4.1 release! Please try them out and sendus feedback! Post your new launcher looks in the community and help otherAndroid customers join our beta community with this direct link: 

Onceagain, we thank you for all your support and for being a part of our MicrosoftLauncher beta family! Please send us feedback!

Microsoft Launcher Team

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